Wednesday, 26 October 2011

and more...

I've been researching trows and orkney folklore - it's amazing the similarities between the old norse ('norn') traditions, and our own - i'll find some articles and post them soon. It's so interesting!

Trows were invisible to most mortals except special individuals and cats. They love to dance, play music and sneak into unsuspecting farmers kitchens. If you saw one you had to keep eye contact, or lie down and plarce a dagger at your head for magical protection. They live in the dead howe's/cairns, and are thought to have been originally undead spirits. Woe betide anyone who touched their dead howe. They turned to stone if sunlight touched them.

I think i'll pair my lonely trow with a cat friend and see what happens....

I feel a story coming on!


  1. Its almost like Iron Giant meets Orkney lore. Loving this! X

  2. Bone is HUGE influence on me - if it's not too obvious :) cannot beat it!