Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Some of my Animations!

These are a select few of my animation for my degree show film - "last show!". (Keys - me. Inbetweens - eleanoraffleck. Inks - me and eleanor. Compositing - neil mcdonald.)

line test sc.18 from Alex Ashman on Vimeo.

inked sc.18 from Alex Ashman on Vimeo.

rough test for sc.20 from Alex Ashman on Vimeo.

finished sc.16 from Alex Ashman on Vimeo.

Monday, 19 April 2010


With only 2 weeks left on the film, it's all steam ahead. I've only got one more scene to keyframe thank god, but unfortunately it means most on my time right now is taken up with inking and colouring. Inking i really enjoy - we've got lovely indian ink caligraphic pens which i LOVE. Colouring on the other hand is awful. I usually enjoy all aspects of animation - but not colouring. It's just so dull and tedious, with no creativity involved at all...eugh....but needs must! Here's a wee screen grab of the lipsynch scene i'm colouring right now.