Wednesday, 24 November 2010

some slightly crap lip synch!

i have brushed the cobwebs off my lightbox, and did a wee tiny bit of basic lipsynch for sarah dargie and eleanor affleck's film "a sweet dispostiotion" - it's soooo rubbish, but i hope to use it as a starting point to get some shinier stuff done :)

you can see it here on sarah dargie's very lovely blog :

also a wee link to elenor affleck's awesome film blog for "a sweet disposition":


  1. Well...we liked it and cleaned it up and were going to use it but we don't know much about lip-sync sooo if you think its crap we can re-do it...



  2. haha, no i mean that i only did it in an hour and don't want to ruin your film! i'd love another crack at it to make it better :) xx